Empowering youth through customized support that uplifts disadvantaged families.


About I’m Young And Empowered, Inc.

I'm Young And Empowered, Inc. was founded in 2019 to address the epidemic of bullying (including cyber-bullying), self-harm, and discrimination to address the inequities youth face to promote inclusion for ALL in our common bond of humanity.


As part of inspiring and motivating the development of integrity, compassion, and unity as key character traits and to address the root causes of negative behaviors in youth that can (and have) lead to the plight of ongoing societal division in adults and have a significant impact negatively.

We promote the positive peer pressure of integrity, compassion and unity through our I Matter! You Matter! Stop Bullying! ™ and #YESYOUMATTER campaign, presentations and materials.

We also work on a community level and with individual families; to address the economic inequities that economically disadvantaged families and individuals face that greatly exacerbate sociological and societal challenges. 

Our Vision

I’m Young And Empowered, Inc. is an 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose members believe in integrity, compassion, unity and a pay it forward attitude to create a better future for all. To this end I’m Young And Empowered, Inc. is committed to: ​

  • Support and empower those who are disenfranchised, especially economically disadvantaged families with children. ​

  • Empower youth to be leaders from various backgrounds and demographics. ​

  • Build a community of people from diverse cultural, racial and socio-economic backgrounds to promote unity. ​

  • Advocate and provide support to the underprivileged and marginalized members of our society including veterans, disabled children/adults, displaced people, refugees and single parent/caregiver households.


  • Promote education and educational opportunities for Kindergarten - Young Adult (21 and under)

By addressing the paradox of challenges faced by at risk youth and their families, by holistically addressing the socio-economic undercurrents that lead to the many disparities and inequities that have been highlighted further since Covid-19. 


Our Goals

Create generational, long lasting positive impacts to reduce:

  • Discrimination

  • Inequities

  • Economic Hardship 

Including a Reduction of:

  • Juvenile delinquency and recidivism

  • School drop outs and truancy 

  • Identity issues, self harm, and mental health stigma


Our Values


Being whole and honorable as a person, being honest and doing the right thing even when nobody else is looking.


Being as kind and considerate to others s ourselves, as brothers and sisters in our common humanity.


Being inclusive of all humans first and foremost, respecting and valuing our differences and supporting one another in our humanity.

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Board of Directors

Elise Carey, President/Founder

Dr. Thomas Carey, Treasurer

In his role as Treasurer for I’m Young and Empowered, Inc., Dr. Thomas Carey provides expertise from formal education certified by B.S., M.S., and PhD degrees in physics, and an MBA degree with specialization in Technology Management. He has more than 40 years of experience managing and leading government-funded projects and programs having staff in excess of 100 and annual budgets exceeding $65M.


He also brings experiences from having run a small personal telecommunications services company for 5 years and volunteering for 3 years as treasurer and IT specialist in a non-profit Buddhist educational center.

Sierra Johnson, Secretary

In her role of Secretary for I’m Young And Empowered, Inc., Sierra Johnson brings her formal education as a graduate of Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts of Business Administration with a focus on accounting.


Sierra graduated with honors Magna Cum Laude.


Sierra also owns and operates Sensational Bookkeeping Services based in Henderson, NV.

In her role as President of I’m Young And Empowered, Inc., Elise Carey brings more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience forming, managing, and leading small businesses spanning a diverse spectrum of services.


Starting when she was just a teenager these have included two residential and commercial cleaning companies with dozens of clients, several day spas highly rated in local business listings, an apparel and clothing store, a hookah lounge, and a business consulting firm.


In addition to now leading I’m Young And Empowered, Inc., she also offers consulting and assistance with graphic design, fundraising, communications, event organization, and publicity for other socially responsible small businesses and nonprofits in her local community.