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Integrity - Being whole and honorable as a person, being honest and doing the right thing even when nobody else is looking.


Compassion - Being as kind and considerate to others as ourselves in our common humanity.

Unity - Being inclusive of all humans first and foremost, respecting and valuing our differences and supporting one another in our humanity.


These principles are intentionally generative: Start with our young people, so that they also can carry these qualities to future generations, while in the meantime serve as models for the rest of us.


Our grass-roots all volunteer organization was founded in 2019 to address the the epidemic of bullying (including cyber-bullying), self harm and discrimination to address the inequities youth face to promote inclusion for ALL in our common bond of humanity.


As part of inspiring and motivating the development of integrity, compassion and unity as key character traits and to address the root causes of negative behaviors in youth that can (and have) lead to the plight of ongoing societal division in adults and have a huge impact in a negative way.


We utilize positive peer pressure by engaging youth in community assistance, volunteer activities, scholarships for youth enrichment activities for economically disadvantaged families and a pay-it-forward attitude from youth to adults in encouraging these values.


In addition to workshops and presentations, we also provide (free of charge to schools, youth groups and advocates) a variety of clothing, wristbands and materials with inspiring messages; as well as awards to highlight, recognize and encourage this positive peer pressure I Matter! You Matter! Stop Bullying!® #YesYouMatter approach.


I'm Young And Empowered, Inc. is proud to be a Certifying Organization of the President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA).

Recognizing the very important role of volunteers in America’s strength and national identity!

 Awarding one of the highest volunteer honors – presidential recognition. We certify eligible K - 12 students and college students providing verifiable, unpaid volunteer work in the community. Contact Elise@imyoungandempowered.org for more information.

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Our Sustainable Development Goals

Within our work as an all volunteer workforce we seek to address the inequalities experienced particularly from children of  economically disadvantaged circumstances.


We provide supplemental financial aid to individuals and caregivers facing economic hardship, with the assistance of philanthropic companies, foundations and individuals; we also provide a vast array of donations-fueled services, such as: transportation assistance, supplemental food; diaper and emergency baby formula; provision of new car seats.


We also provide youth enrichment scholarships and conduct seasonal community events involving distribution of backpacks & school supplies, thanksgiving food baskets, winter coats and holiday gifts.