Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended volunteer activities indefinitely. 

Shylah - 13

Shylah lives in Las Vegas and is an incredible young lady and volunteer. In addition to helping her younger siblings with distance learning, she also enjoys going to the library to pick out books to read to them:)

She is an amazing volunteer with everything from assembling awareness materials for her peers to assisting younger kids with arts and crafts at our most recent community event.

Thank you Shylah for all of your hard work and most of all for being so kind!


Takara - 18

Takara is a phenomenal  Las Vegas artist who is well on her way to be discovered for her drawings which are rich with depth and soul.

Many people are amazed with her talent and the range of her artistic vision.

She is also the eldest of 8 children in her household and is a great role model for young women!

Keep being phenomenal Takara!




Miles - 13

Miles is our very first Trailblazer volunteer at the start of our organization. From bullying prevention materials, handing out candy to trick ir treating events, face painting.. even played Frosty the Snowman in 80 degree weather!

Although Miles and his mom Novetta have moved to California, they are still very active is spreading positivity and volunteering!


Jorge - 13

Last school year, Jorge saw there was some bullying going on in his school. He spoke up about and and he and his mom requested bullying prevention materials!

Since then Jorge continue to be active in his community on bringing awareness and prevention on cyberbullying. Great looking out for your peers Jorge!


Aisha & Joann

8 & 12

Aisha & Joann are Las Vegas sisters who knit handmade purses that have brought so many smilies to children as special birthday gifts! 

They now have expanded their business to include beaded bracelets that are absolutely stunning!


Evan - 13

Evan lives in Texas and has shared many of our bullying prevention materials with his peers.

Keep up the great work Evan!


Tysean - 13

Tysean has been an active volunteer in Las Vegas, from our clothing closet/food pantry, to packaging bullying prevention materials, assisting with our 2nd annual Back to School giveaway and assembling special care packages for mental health advocacy for his peers! Keep up the great work Tysean!


Jenny - 12

Jenny lives in Kansas and has been a great support to her siblings, including her brother Andrew who is Autistic.

She has also participated in doing volunteer work in her community and is always looking out for others!

Thank you Jenny!


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