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I'm Young And Empowered, Inc. is not currently accepting any requests for assistance. Any potential changes to this policy will be announced only through this web site. [This policy will be reviewed again in May 2023).

Our self-sufficiency assistance is about supporting families and individuals experiencing sudden/temporary economic hardship due to job loss, health issues or displacement. By empowering families with the means to meet their basic needs for survival.


Since April 2020 - our efficient, minimum-overhead organization has found new ways of leveraging modern technology to continue providing a vast array of community outreach services for families facing financial hardship.

In recognition of the resourcefulness families have developed for their own survival, it’s about empowering them with the means to combining our support with employment or other larger agency assistance programs.


Providing a dignified and empowering way for families to create their own solutions to their particular needs and priorities as their individual conditions change.

Participants work diligently to strive for stability and economic security by seeking employment and all government and larger agency assistance available. Verification of progress and need are determined before assistance is granted.

Providing a very caring "hand up" and not hand out  - by empowering individuals with the ability to meet their emergency needs.

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