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Updated: Nov 2

Across the U.S., people with mental illnesses are 16 times more likely than the overall population to be killed by police, according to one study from the mental health nonprofit Treatment Advocacy Center.

There are solutions and police depts. around the country can model this one:

The LAPD is working toward training all personnel, however as of now has trained  4,000 in the 40 hour Mental h Health Intervention Training (MHIT).  Implicit bias, procedural justice and stigma reduction are all addressed in this course.

Additionally, are you aware to the partnership in Southeast and 77th Area with Children Exposed to Gun Violence?

While working internally with our personnel, the LAPD is also partnering with Children Exposed to Gun Violence to try and reduce the affects of trauma caused by gun violence.

Lastly, the LAPD is growing the already established Community Safety Partnership (CSP) program where the goal is to build better relationships with the variety of communities we serve.


Learn more from a survivor HERE


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