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is now the 

Our new Leadership Award! This is a special award to reward a young person who has been a shining example of being a leader for their peers. 

A very special award for a young person to be proud of.

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Miles is a 12 year old young man who was awarded our last Be a Hero award for 2019. Miles participated in volunteering in many Las Vegas community outreach events to benefit children from low income households.


From handing out candy. and activity books, managing an activities table, face painting, wearing a Frosty the Snow Man costume and for his selflessness in donating a brand new bike to support a Christmas Gift Drive.


Very proud of Miles for his efforts in spending his free time along side his mother Novetta Biagas to Pay It Forward for children in need.

LondonJade Harris is a very special Kind of Hero! At only 6 years old she has had 3 heart surgeries, died 3 times.. is here to share her joy to be an inspiration to us all! 

LondonJade also wears a very special prosthetic leg with a very stylish CardiB print. She is in fact CardiB's BIGGEST fan! 

Hope to make her dreams come true to meet CardiB!

This is 10 year old Drake Camara and was the very first recipient of our BE A HERO AWARD. Drake defended his little brothers against teenage bullies and suffered an assault. Took nearly 6 moths for charges to finally be brought against the teenagers. 

He has come a very long way in these past few months and want to help him keep a smile on his face.

We are honored that his family accepted our award! Want to continue to remind him as he grows up through life that he is special and forever a HERO.

A BE A HERO AWARD goes to Akalis Castejon!❤️

His name alone speaks to his strength in being a Hero. 

So proud and happy that he has his own very special award!

Akalis and his family faced a huge injustice by a special needs teacher in Gary, Indiana and other teachers by their lack of action

as well as a school principal allowed an inappropriate "prank" affect this very real sweet young man and his entire family.

This event also impacted many families across the nation who have beautiful children with special needs.