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I lost my father Wilbur to lung cancer Christmas 2017. He deteriorated very quickly, was placed in hospice care and passed one week later. My father suffered an epic case of bullying as a frail and terminally ill man at the hands of someone who proclaimed her love for him. My father did not live long enough for us to bring in help or protection. 

A secret wedding took place just 5 days before he died. None of his children who were in the vicinity were invited. After my father's death, my 2 siblings and I discovered there was a fraud in play. Took us close to 2 years to fight an estate case to expose the fraud upon my father's estate.

Witnessing my father, who once was a boxer, very strong, no nonsense and a very proud man, suffer the terrible toll cancer takes on even the strongest person broke my heart. I decided to take everything he left me (that was almost stolen) and pour it into a way to carry on his legacy, by Paying It Forward in an effort to empower others, especially children.

Seeing story after story of young children giving up hope and taking their own lives because of bullying hit me close to home. I decided to try to use as much of my life experience, heart-soul and pour it into a cause. We started as just that, a "cause" on March 28th, 2019.


I used social media and my skills in digital art and visual story telling to bring awareness to the issues young people face. Also used social media to reach out to parents who had shared their stories of their children being bullied. To try to reach those families, so those children who were still suffering from those experiences, would not be forgotten and replaced with a story of tragedy.

We were granted our 501(c)3 award letter June 2019. Since then we have reached many families, schools, community centers and youth organizations across the country.


Our programs & campaigns are to give youth backing in using their voice, because theirs is a powerful one. They are our future after all. Also to provide supportive materials for parents, grandparents, teachers and many other caring people who work with youth.

Our community outreach and charitable work we call The #PayItForward factor is rooted in the compassion I feel for low-income households with children. I was a teenage mother and am now mother to 4 adult children and four grandchildren. 

In the early years, many organizations and individuals payed it forward to help my struggling young family, with everything that is listed under our Services. It may take 20 years or so for an individual to be able to demonstrate the depths of gratitude when non-judgmental compassion is given.

My firm belief is that showing compassion for those who have fallen on hard times and planting seeds of "giving back", creates a positive domino effect for our future generations. 


My father's trophy which I had always admired since I was a little girl. This is why rewarding/awarding young people for standing tall with Integrity, Compassion and Unity is an important aspect of our campaigns and programs.