Elise Carey 
Founder - President - Community Outreach Director


Background -


I am from a disadvantaged family myself and have encountered many hardships beginning at a young age including; racial/cultural discrimination, pre-teen homelessness, trafficking, teenage parenthood, domestic violence, incarceration and mental health struggles.


Utilizing my unique experience based perspective and a deep understanding of the paradox of challenges faced by youth and their families, we apply a holistic approach to addressing the socio-economic undercurrents that many families face.


Goals -


Our goal is to create generational, long lasting positive impacts to the families we serve, to reduce discrimination, inequality and economic hardship. All while promoting integrity, compassion and unity, while addressing the economic challenges that greatly exacerbate sociological and societal challenges. 

Our Story

Why I founded I'm Young And Empowered, Inc.


My father Wilbur passed on due to lung cancer Christmas 2017. He deteriorated very quickly, was placed in hospice care and passed one week later. My father suffered an epic case of bullying as a frail and terminally ill man at the hands of someone who proclaimed her love for him. My father did not live long enough for us to bring in help or protection. 


A secret wedding took place just 5 days before he passed. None of his children who were in the vicinity were invited. After my father's death, my 2 siblings and I discovered there was a fraud in play. Took us close to 2 years to fight an estate case to expose the fraud upon my father's estate.


Witnessing my father, who once was a boxer, very strong, no nonsense and a very proud man, suffer the terrible toll cancer takes on even the strongest person broke my heart. I decided to take everything he left me (that was almost stolen) and pour it into a way to carry on his legacy, by Paying It Forward in an effort to empower others, especially children.


Seeing story after story of cases of bullying hit me close to home. I decided to try to use as much of my life experience, heart-soul and pour it into a cause. We started as just that, a "cause" on March 28th, 2019.


We were granted our 501(c)3 award letter June 2019. Since then we have reached many families, schools, community centers and youth organizations across the country.


Our programs & campaigns are to give youth backing in using their voice, because theirs is a powerful one. They are our future after all. With a focus on bullying prevention, equality, mental health advocacy, teen dating violence prevention and a reduction in juvenile delinquency, truancy and school drop outs. 


I'm always looking to connect with like minded organizations. Let's connect.