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Children in School Bus


  • I'm Young and Empoweted has been there for me & my children on several occasions since I first met them. I am a disabled veteran on a very limited income. Elise & her organization helped us in the past from school supplies to food without any hesitation. They are caring, compassionate and fair to all. I wish there were more organizations like them.

  • I’m young & empowered organization has been a BIG blessing for my family, today I picked up food my family desperately needed. I have been falling on hard times a lot lately & constantly felt like it was always a barrier or another problem, life is so unpredictable. It really takes a village, IY&E organization has been a blessing, a stress relief & someone I can always call on, anytime I fell short on anything this organization was there to help. Elise comes through every time & it’s so rare these days to find people that really want to help others. This nonprofit is a great one & I only wish how there was more like it.

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